In June 2018 the new Museum of Roman Culture will open its doors just in front of the two-thousand- years-old Arena of Nîmes!

It is at the same time an innovative museum, a Mediterranean garden and a living place,

the Museum of Roman Culture is one of the largest contemporary architectural projects in France. Wrapped in a translucent glass-wavy facade like a mosaic, the museum invites you to a journey back in time through the history of Nimes via an immersive museography (augmented reality, monumental audio-visual technologies ...).

You will see a spectacular vestige of the pediment of the Sanctuary of the Source which gave birth to the city that has been entirely reconstituted to 15 meters of the ground. It is the gateway to the museum, to the archaeological garden, to the restaurant and to the vegetal terrace, offering a unique 360° panoramic view over Nîmes and its most beautiful Roman jewels.

The public will discover through a selection of 5500 exceptional works, some of them exclusive: mosaics, statues, oil lamps or ceramics in an exceptional conservation status, collected and restored over the centuries.
A remarkable collection
It is the most innovative archaeological museum of the Roman era. It takes a chronological and thematic path along with augmented reality devices that place the objects of the collection in their original context and with monumental and immersive audio visual technologies, in order to make visitors live a unique experience throughout Antiquity.
Innovative museography
Discover the universe of gladiators, unavoidable heroes who have contributed to the success of the culture of the ancient Rome. The collection from Italy, traces the origins and development of the games, the gladiators, the Colosseum and the Roman amphitheatres. Discover exceptional pieces, helmets from Pompeii, weapons, armours, tools of surgery...
Last chance to discover this exhibition that has been shown around the world!
Exhibition ‘Gladiators, Heroes of the Coliseum’
From June 2 to September 24, 2018
Nimes has an invaluable Roman heritage, in an excellent conservation status, which helps to forge its identity. For many years, the city has assembled an important archaeological collection that required an exceptional setting to preserve it and pass it on to future generations. They enable us to grasp the process of ‘Romanization’ which has profoundly influenced Nîmes throughout the centuries and remarks its importance in the Roman world.
A transmission tool
The flexible and horizontal undulations of the façade, all in glass combined with the transparency and lightness of its structure, just in front of the imposing stone of the Arena of Nîmes: a unique game of complementarity. Each of the 6,708 glass slides has been designed, silk-screened and hand-crafted, as for haute couture.
Architectural challenge signed by Elizabeth de Portzamparc
The Museum of Roman Culture is an emblematic and revealing witness of the rootedness of Nîmes identity and its Roman past. It fits perfectly into the philosophy of Nîmes' bid for UNESCO World Heritage on the theme of ‘Antiquity in Present’.
Nomination for UNESCO World Heritage

Key figures

centuries of history
years of work
exhibited works
kg for the Mosaic of Bellerophon
glass squares cover the facade
panoramic rooftop
m² of archaeological garden
prestigious head chef for the restaurant



Museum Entrance
(permanent collections
& temporary exhibition)
Adult 8 €
0 - 6 yo (included) 0 €
7 - 17 yo (included) 3 €
Student (-25 yo) 6 €
Family * 19 €

*2 Adults + 2 Children

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Museum Entrance
(permanent collections
& temporary exhibition)
Adult 6 €
School * 1 €
Groups (from 20 pers.)  

* 30 students – 3 accompanists free

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Guided tour
(museum entrance included)
Adult 9 €
School * 3 €
Groups (from 20 pers.)  

* 30 students – 3 accompanists free

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  • June 2018

    Opening of the museum

  • Febury 2018

    Installation of the museographic scenography

  • September 2017

    Beginning of the move of the works

  • July 2017

    Building finished

  • May 2015

    Laying the first stone

  • August 2014

    Start of deconstruction

  • October 2013

    Building permit

  • May 2012

    Choice of winning project

  • June 2011

    Launch of the International Architecture Competition


Musée de la Romanité
16 Bd des Arènes
30000 Nîmes